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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Year in Review

Beck played soccer for the first time.

And t-ball.

We went on a fishing trip at Gaston's.

Haylee got MARRIED!
(which deserves it's own post)

Sebastian turned ONE.
(And received a shrine in his honor.)

We managed to sneak in a quick trip to the beach.

First day of school. 
(Pre-K 4 at St. Joe)

"Ran" in my first 5K.
(Color Run, Memphis)

Beck's first Razorback game.


Olivia Reid Stell was born.

Sebastian was scarred for life by Santa.

We had our first White Christmas.


It's December 30th, 2012. Exactly ONE YEAR since my last post.

I'm not sure why I haven't blogged.

Well, here's why I THINK I haven't:

1. I'm pretty sure all of my readers died last year. (If you are reading this, you might reconsider)

2. I met a lot of really talented bloggers last year. And my little family blog seemed a little silly.

3. I kept thinking I was going to do something big and new, and didn't want to post until it was done. Now, here I am one year later. Nothing big. Nothing new.

Here's what I have discovered:

I like my silly little family blog. I started it before my boys were born and now I can look back and watch them grow before my eyes. I may not have many followers, but then again, who cares?

And as for doing something new and big. I will. One day. But for now I just want to cherish these small moments while I can, and use my time for what I love most. My family.

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