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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catching up

Well, I'm not doing as well at this blog thing as I had anticipated...

To catch up, we had a couple of firsts- Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween was fun and Beck had the cutest skunk costume. However, it was fully padded and thanks to Arkansas weather it was way too hot for him to wear it. He had it on for about 5 minutes.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my parents and the day after with Brad's. We stayed in Morrilton and it felt like we were moving in. There is so much stuff you have to pack with a baby. Thanksgiving weekend ended abruptly with the fact that I had to start back to work that Monday. Maternity leave goes by so fast. Thankfully, Beck started sleeping through the night the week before. I was so worried about taking him to day care but it turns out that he LOVES it!

Friday, October 26, 2007

YES, he's here!

Beck Nicholas Willbanks was born on September 18 at 3:26 pm. He weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. My water broke at 11:30 pm on the 17th and by 2:00 pm the next day I had only progressed to a 5 so they decided to take him via c-section. I have to say, other than the fact that they could barely get him out because he was so big, the c-section really wasn't that bad. I tend to build things up in my head so much I guess I was pleasantly surprised, plus I had a beautiful baby boy out of the deal :)
It has been pretty hard to adjust, but I think we are finally getting the hang of things. He has started to smile a little bit and we can't wait for all of the milestones yet to come...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Waiting Game...

...really stinks! Everything is ready except for the baby.

Here are some pictures from our Alltel Shower (Brad was finally able to unwrap some gifts) and what we have finished so far in the nursery.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Busy Times

Wow, have the last few weeks been busy. We've had a few more showers, have had visits from old friends and have been trying to get the nursery ready for the baby. Everything is finally starting to come together but it's been hard to do anything because of the HEAT. It's been over 100 degrees lately- which is no fun at all.

We had a Beck family shower on July 26 hosted by Djuana Beck, Kim Fresneda, Lisa Swain, Mandy Fresneda and Haylee Fresneda at Djuana's house in Center Ridge. We ended up getting a lot of necessities that we really needed like a car seat and stroller. It turned out very nice. Amanda Polk, Laura Hoelzeman and Sandra Stell also threw a shower in Morrilton at the home of Marilyn Polk on July 29. It was very nice also and I ended up getting a special quilt where all my friends and family contributed a square. It will always be very special to us I'm sure.

We will hopefully have the nursery done soon and we will post some pictures, after that, it's time for some rest & relaxation as we wait for our new arrival... indoors in the air conditioning of course.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our First Shower

We had our first baby shower this past weekend and it was so much fun. It was hosted by Amy Brantley, Alyssa Anderson and Cristy Holland-Sowell, all former co-workers of mine, at Cristy's house. It was so good to see old friends and catch up. We also received a lot of cute baby gifts! It was fun taking things home and going through them together and trying to figure out what everything was...we are so clueless about this baby stuff, it is scary. Everyone keeps saying that it all comes natural. Let's hope!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

Hope all of the dad's had a great Father's Day this past weekend. We were able to go to Morrilton and see both of our families AND get to go eat spaghetti at the St. Joseph's Bazaar in Center Ridge. An hour and a half of standing in line, but way worth it.

We also registered at Target this weekend, which was extremely overwhelming. To top it off, we went to Target in West LR first and their scanner guns were broken. They told us we could do it all by hand or come back in three weeks. No thanks. If anyone is wondering the new Target in Benton is quite nice...

Can't there be anything out there without teddy bears, lambs, frogs etc. on it? I just want something plain. A plain pack-n-play, a plain car seat, stroller, etc. Is that too much to ask? A simple gray will do.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's a Boy!

This is our first blog post and we hope this will be a great way to keep our friends and family updated on what is going on in our little world. Just hope we can keep up with it...

For those who do not know already, we are expecting our first child (a boy) in September. We are very excited (and nervous) about being parents. Everything is going good so far :) We've decided that he is going be a very active little boy judging by his movement in momma's belly-- and strong too!