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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sebastian's Room


Beck's "Big Boy" Room


Father's Day

Partly because I procrastinated, but mostly because I am so hot and fat right now... I never went out and bought my husband a gift for Father's Day.

I made this instead.

Double Trouble

My best friend Laura is pregnant too...and we are both having July!


...and enjoying quality time with my first born before the baby comes.

Beauty and the Beast

Remind me not to take a 3-year-old to a Broadway play again.

Congrats Keyleigh!

My niece, Keyleigh, graduated from high school. The fact that she was 2 when I graduated high school stings a little. But it helps that Brad graduated before she was born.

Zoo Play Date

We had a play date with Addie at the zoo one afternoon. He has been adjusting well since we left his day care but he misses his best friend.

Easter Fun

New House

Among all of the craziness of March/April, we also sold our house and moved to Conway. It's nice to be closer to home and not have to deal with LR traffic. So far, so good.


This spring we went to visit "Big Josh" at Little Rock Fire Department. The kids had a ball. They were taken up in the ladder, sat in the fire truck and took turns sliding down the fire pole. It was a day I'm sure Beck will always remember.

Finding light in personal tragedy

I haven’t blogged in awhile.

I lost my mom on April 6. She went in for her first chemotherapy treatment on March 28, developed an infection and because of her low immune system, passed away. It was not expected.

I am sad. But also grateful for many things.

  • At this time last year, she underwent lung and gall bladder surgery and spent over 60 days in the hospital. At the time, I thought it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Now, I am grateful that I was able to spend one-on-one time with her that I probably wouldn’t have in my otherwise “busy” life if she had been healthy.
  • She had spent the last year since her previous hospital stay in some kind of pain. She is not suffering anymore.
  • Amidst tragedy, I have realized how important family and true friends are.
  • I am expecting my second child. I am grateful she was able to experience this pregnancy with me and know that I was having another little boy.
  • I am stronger than I thought I was.
I only hope that I can be half the mother to my children as she was to me.