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Monday, January 24, 2011

Santa Spectacle 2010

Probably one of the worst decisions I made in 2010 was deciding to take Beck to see Santa at the mall.

Two days before Christmas.
By myself.

After two hours in line Beck informed me that he needed to use the potty. The people behind me were kind enough to save our place in line and we hurried to the mall restroom. We returned and I continued to talk up Santa to him to make sure there were no tears this time.

Things were looking hopeful.

As we approached the front of the line, I looked down and realized that Beck had taken his boots off. I quickly put them back on as Santa waited and the rest of the people in line looked furious. I grabbed his hand and started to walk towards Santa. I immediately came to an halt as Beck planted his feet firmly on the floor and then with all his weight decided to sit/lie on the not-so-sanitary mall floor.

We did not stand in this line for two hours for nothing.

So I dragged him across the floor.

In front of everyone.

He refused to sit on Santa's lap. To avoid making a bigger spectacle of ourselves, I grabbed him up, plopped myself down next to Santa and quickly yelled to the photographer, "Quick, take the picture!".

Not my proudest moment.

The good news is that by this point Beck thought that we were playing a "game" and he is smiling, and not crying. The bad news is that I am in yet ANOTHER Santa picture.

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