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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm horrible at this, I know. So much has happened since my last post! Mother's Day, Father's Day, vacation, 4th of July... jeez! And we're crawling, pulling up and cruising like crazy! Beck is almost 10 months old---wow!
Here's a quick summary of our summer so far:

Mother's Day was great. Beck made some paintings (see picture above) for his Grammy and Grandmama. He did a great job. Too bad mommy stole the one he made for Grammy and kept it for herself. Sorry, Grammy! (I know what you all are thinking, if it's taken me 4 months to post how long is it going to take for poor Grammy to get her painting...we'll see)

Father's Day was nice also. Beck (and mommy) made daddy a photo book. He loved it.
Vacation was fabulous- I think I'll devote my next post to it.
4th of July- We went to Joey and Djuana's for the Fourth. Beck had a great time being the center of attention. He really enjoyed playing in the pool with all of his cousins. The fun ended the moment mommy decided to see if he would like going under water...he didn't.

Okay, I feel better.

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